For any inquiries, email me at natalie@natisextra.com.


3 thoughts on “Contact

  1. ^^^^Ditto. Always great when the Poe-style headline is tongue-in-cheek.

    I am an old, retired, white guy who has been a PC gaming fanatic since I broke the backs out of the cheap plastic chairs my wife would put in the computer room, playing Ultimate Doom. Now I’m sporting a 1440p monitor, and just upgraded to a 980ti because of the huge stress from Wild Hunt. Pre-ordered FO4, and trying to finish Skyrim before FO4 lands on 11/10. heh The grandkids have my former gaming rig, which is still going strong, with an old i7-920 and my old 680 ftw card.

    Anyway, all that just to say that I love seeing a fellow nonbelieving gamer, and I love seeing someone like you, Ms. Degraffinried, who was raised in such a devoutly religious home, yet were able find a way to escape. My upbringing was much more of the apathetic Catholic, and by the time I finished catechism classes and received communion, I’d already figured out that I was talking to myself.

    But it wasn’t until I was nearing retirement, and reading BB threads on atheism that I realized I’d quit believing entirely for decades. The final ligament holding on to me was when some entity online dared everyone to state publicly, “I do not believe in the Holy Spirit.” That was when I took myself aside for a talk. It took a couple of days for me to finally convince myself that it was the constant threats of eternal hellfire that still held me back. That made me angry, and that was the impetus to finally and completely detach from Christianity.

    After that, I took to the various atheist BBs and then blogs, learning about other religions, and how they all used various psychological tricks to keep the believers from straying, and also how the most outlandish beliefs were actually keys to the group. You’d have to be a true believer to accept that nonsense as truth.

    Great good luck to you, Ms. Degraffinried.


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