Letters From My Worst Fears: In which my anxiety turns molehills into panic attacks.

Craigslist – New York – Missed Connections

Aug 31 Awkward Sidestep Interaction – m4w – (Flatiron)

To the woman with the big curly hair who kept sidestepping in the same direction as me as we tried to walk past each other near Broadway and 27th:

I should have said something then. Your big brown eyes and big brown hair just pulled me in—the rush of the day pushed me forward, but the thought of you pulled me back, and back, and back. I should have sidestepped in your direction forever—maybe you would have noticed me. Maybe we could have crab-walked into eternity together. But I’ve never been good at rock, paper, scissors. Maybe Fate will put us back together again.

When we locked eyes—and then locked eyes again, and again—I simply knew you had to be the one. The tension building in your expression could have knocked me off my feet. I’m glad it didn’t, because you probably would have kept walking and that would have been one less moment to look at you. I still see it vividly, our bodies moving in parallel—we were wired for each other, darling. I would love to feel you perpendicular to me. What a waltz we made, that day. I hope you see this. I hope you see me again.

I look forward to hearing from you—let’s not cross paths again.

The Fault In Our Steps


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